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What’s included in every project we undertake?

No matter the type of site, our approach towards you, or the size of your organization, every endeavor of ours encapsulates:

How a website comes to life

No matter the type of site, our approach towards you, or the size of your organization, every endeavor of ours encapsulates:

Initial analysis & structuring

The first step is understanding the primary reason for the website’s creation. This reveals the intricacy and work scope, which translates to project costs. Whether the objective is SEO-driven or geared towards sales via contextual advertising, the nature of the project changes. At this juncture, we provide a ballpark cost estimate.

Market assessment & structural development

An in-depth analysis of competitors is undertaken, helping us carve out a unique value proposition for you. We outline the necessary modules, considering the optimal presentation for user engagement. Drawing from this research, we draft a site prototype and structural blueprint. By this stage, we finalize a detailed costing segmented into design, layout, and programming.

Website design

Based on the prototype and the client’s branding, we design templates for every webpage. This often proves to be one of the most time-intensive phases. Given design’s subjective nature, timelines can vary. Occasionally, our designers might find inspiration and draft everything within two weeks, but at times, it can stretch over a month.

Site layout

The layout process translates the design visuals into interactive displays using HTML, CSS, and JS. This phase is relatively swift, contingent on the number and intricacy of pages. Ideally, this phase shouldn’t require your involvement, as a proficient layout mirrors the design perfectly, a trait that delineates exceptional layout artists.

Site compilation

Here, our programmers integrate the layout with the CMS (Content Management System). The site becomes navigable, and functionalities – from feedback forms to online payment gateways – come alive. You can begin managing the site, inputting content, products, and more. The end product is almost ready; a bit more patience will soon see it to completion.

Project handover

This culminates in populating the site and subsequent transition to functional aspects like SEO and contextual advertising. Often, minute adjustments arise, overlooked in prior stages, but we ensure they’re addressed as part of the contract. As a token of appreciation, we provide two months of complimentary support! With this, the development project concludes. Kudos to you!


How much does website development cost?

The primary determinant of cost is the time invested. Our pricing system is utterly transparent, so the final quote for a project hinges solely on our technical director’s estimated time allocation for all involved. To provide a ballpark figure: a basic landing page starts at $300 in our studio, a standard corporate website from $800, and online stores begin at $2000.

How long does website development take?

The timeline largely mirrors the answer above: it’s contingent on the project’s intricacy and other factors. However, a significant nuance to consider is that delays, in 90% of instances, arise due to client-related factors — be it vacations, illnesses, or decision-making time. These factors can stretch our estimated average delivery time of two months to as much as six.

Which platforms do you use for website development?

A vast majority, about 90% of our projects, are built on the CMS WordPress. The remaining 10% are divided among platforms like Webflow, Magento, and others. We’re confident that most projects can be adeptly handled on WordPress, given its flexibility for future scalability. Should you ever need to onboard other developers, finding expertise for these CMS platforms won’t be a challenge.

Once my website is built, what next?

Consider diving into SEO strategies or deploying contextual advertising.
Maintain an active presence on social media to support your business.
If you’re not satisfied with the outcomes, don’t hesitate to reconnect with us. We’ll collaboratively diagnose and address the concerns.

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