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How ads are set up

The process is time consuming and quite labor intensive, but we are always in favor of making sure customers understand the mechanics of the process.

Running contextual advertising campaigns

So, we set up contextual advertising for you once, replenished the balance for the first time and clicked the Start button. What should you do with all this? We are ready to manage your advertising campaigns permanently. What is included in the package we offer?

  • Removal of negative keywords
  • Testing different ads
  • Adjusting bids
  • Adding emerging keywords
  • Balance tracking and invoicing
  • Any reporting of any format at your request

ADs support

  • Regular antivirus checks
  • Monitoring feedback forms
  • Tracking and rectifying issues in Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • Periodic broken link checks


How do we operate?

Before anything else, ensure your website is in top shape. If we were part of its development, rest assured, it’s already primed.

We then amass a set of search queries pertinent to your business, sifting out irrelevant keywords and unnecessary requests.

Our specialists handle this manually. While numerous automated tools exist, nothing surpasses the precision of manually reviewing and categorizing the semantic core. Indeed, it’s time-intensive and costlier, but it guarantees peak advertising efficiency!

Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising?

Both are essential.

While most marketers gravitate towards Google Ads because of its user-friendly interface and the allure of ‘a few clicks’ simplicity, effective ad setup demands more. It requires expertise, full engagement, and a thorough understanding of setup nuances. By overlooking these subtleties or ignoring certain protocols, you risk both financial and customer losses.

Many agencies and professionals focusing on contextual advertising often neglect Microsoft Advertising. This is an oversight. While MS Advertising might be trickier to configure, it often yields superior results. For one, there’s less competition, and, additionally, Bing’s user base grows annually. Moreover, Bing’s advertisements are also displayed on platforms like DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, AOL, and other partner networks. Few contextual specialists master MS Advertising – but we have that expertise!

What's the price tag for customization?

Customization costs are always tailored to your needs.

Assigning a one-size-fits-all price for such services across diverse business sectors isn’t feasible.

We don’t pigeonhole our services into basic or extended tiers, nor do we offer ‘Starter’ or ‘Premium’ packages. Our commitment is to deliver top-tier work every single time, ensuring your advertising is potent, not merely economical.

Costs are determined based on the hours dedicated to your campaign. The higher the domain’s popularity and competition, the more time-intensive the customization, which invariably affects the price.

What comes next?

We emphatically advise against leaving campaigns unmonitored. Market dynamics evolve, competitors launch new campaigns, and advertising platforms introduce novel features and ad display conditions.

If your team boasts an expert seasoned in managing contextual campaigns, you can delegate your advertising oversight to them. Alternatively, consider an ongoing partnership with us!

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