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Components of SEO promotion.

SEO promotion encompasses numerous tasks.
Here are the primary ones.

Free SEO Audit

While the intricacies can get technical, if you’re unfamiliar with the jargon, fret not. We’ll break it down for you. Here’s a snapshot of our audit checklist.

  • Review of the robots.txt and sitemap.xml
  • Page speed status and improvement recommendations
  • URLs reviews and improvement recommendations
  • 301 redirects review
  • Images alt attributes and naming review
  • Review of the meta tags (Title, description, meta name robots)
  • Canonical and hreflang review
  • Structured Data analysis and correction instructions
  • Crawl and Indexes analysis
  • Errors reveal and reasons (base on Search Console Data)

SEO support

  • Regular antivirus checks
  • Monitoring feedback forms
  • Tracking and rectifying issues in Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • Periodic broken link checks
  • Bonus: we also make minor alterations to the site’s functionality and design as per client requests


How much does SEO-promotion cost?

The pricing for SEO-promotion is influenced by numerous variables, including the number of pages and the competitiveness of the topic. Typically, for promotion within a specific region, costs range from $500 to $1200 per month.

How can I save money?

We offer an initial website optimization service. This entails refining your site by addressing technical issues, optimizing load speeds, defining semantics, and more. Such interventions can significantly boost your site’s ranking. The cost for this preliminary optimization ranges between $200 and $500, contingent on the site’s current state.

Can you guarantee a top-ranking position in searches?

Truthfully, nobody, not even staff from search engine companies, has a definitive understanding of the intricate algorithms behind search rankings. Our approach involves executing every feasible strategy to propel your site to the coveted top spots of search engines. Rather than merely promoting specific search queries, we holistically enhance websites!

Does the final cost of your services remain fixed?

Once set at the onset, the cost for SEO-promotion remains consistent. There are no concealed charges or supplementary costs. The sole exception might arise if you request additional functionalities for your site.

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